Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Folks Who Accomplish Great Works: My Friend

A great man just FaceBooked me! We worked together in his community several years back and I consider his actions to be "the" essential example of how important personal and social commitment is to the well being and growth of small rural communities. My job in economic development has given me the opportunity to view diverse communities that just can't keep it together. I have seen them struggle, fight and put more energy into self aggrandizing projects built upon a culture of personality based agendas than I care to remember. However, there is hope. When great women and men decide to lay aside the personal for the collective... miracles happen! I am glad to know my friend Dave. He is one of those unsung heroes who I hope will continue to live and work and serve in our towns, our cities, and our nation.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ONABEN Trading At The River Conference, April 19-20

ONABEN's Trading At The River Conference is coming up soon! April 19-20 at the Embassy Suites in Portland, Oregon Trading at the River is the PREMIER event in the Pacific Northwest for Native entrepreneurs and Tribal Business Development. ONABEN brings together Native-owned businesses, social entrepreneurs and leaders in Native American business development initiatives in a continued effort to grow the economies of Indian Country and strengthen cultures and communities. In its 10th year, the conference will continue ONABEN's exploration of the multiple dimensions and applications of creative enterprise to community and economic development. This year’s conference theme is “Transforming our Communities through Entrepreneurship: Catch the Dream, Follow the Spirit, Make it Happen.” Trading at the River is a celebration of the spirit of Native American innovation and a showcase for Native American enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Like the historic gatherings that occurred among traders of this region in our past, Trading at the River creates a venue where goods are exchanged services rendered, inspiring stories are told and lessons are learned. It is a place where connections are made--business-to-business, native-to-native, tribe-to-tribe, and past to present. Be sure and stop by to meet all of the Native American vendors at the event. We are Native people operating Native owned businesses. Buy Native!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Friend Who Went Ahead

Two weeks ago a dear friend passed to the other side. One of five siblings, she was the fourth to go in the last five months. A proud Burns Paiute woman, she left the earth a better place for having been here. Her kindness to those around her will never be forgotten. Hearing her gentle voice and incredibly funny giggle was always a delight. The week before she passed, I thought of her daily. She remembered me to her children and her daughter called to tell me the news. I am glad we were friends. I will always remember her. Take care Minerva.