Friday, April 24, 2009

Native American Art Show, Fry Bread, NDN Talk Radio, and Twitter, Oh My!

May 22nd is the first day of Chinook Winds Casino's 2nd All Indian Art Show. Four days of Indian artists trading their wares. All of the folks who will be selling their work are "real Indian" artists! As a painter, doll maker, and writer I look forward to opportunities where large groups of talented NDN peoples gather. Like goin home. Pow Wows are always fun but I work most weekends so miss out on a lot of them. Am ready to publish a book of Fry Bread recipes and will have the new book at Chinook Winds.

Been thinking about starting an Internet Indian Talk-Radio Program. Wouldn't that be a trip? Will keep folks entertained with interviews of NDN folks and random indigenous musings. Am now so social networking tied in that I have acquired a follower or three. Think of what can happen when Indians speak their truth!

Thought for the day... love those you can and bless and release those you can't.